Plug into the extreme power, connectivity, and scale of the Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our partner Esanthai, who generously sponsored the Business Datacenter Keystone NAP. Their support has helped us continue to provide reliable and efficient data center services to our valued clients.

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Once again we thank our partners for their generosity and support. It is through their dedication that we are able to make a positive impact in the business world and beyond.

Your Gateway to the Northeast.

Robustly resourced, secure from natural hazards but convenient to Wall Street, Philadelphia and Washington, the Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center is the place to be to enhance or expand your presence in the underserved East Coast market.

coverage area
coverage area radius

Our network supports  connectivity options to Philadelphia, NYC, NOVA and beyond.


Power services for each customer can be
customized to support needs from

100kW to 400kW

More Power
to You.

Featuring exceptional power density up to 400 watt /sq.ft. and greater, our power infrastructure supports unprecedented power durability.

2,040MW of total power infrastructure availability

power infrastructure

Keystone NAP’s multiple on-site substations aggregate over 2,040 megawatts of power from four nearby industrial-grade feeds.


Extremely Well Networked.

Leveraging partners like Comcast and Sunesys, the Keystone NAP Advanced Data Center provides unique access to diverse, redundant, carrier-neutral fiber routes to PHL, BOS, NYC, NJ, CHI, and NoVA.


network partners

broad network
broad network

The Keystone NAP network connects to a multitude of major peering points via more than 151,000 route miles of fiber.


Advanced by Design.

9 rings of security for extreme protection of your business-critical data. Custom-configurable, private KeyBlock™ vaults to optimize your power and cooling consumption. Unmatched resources for seamless scalability.

Our Advanced Data Center is designed to drive cost efficiencies and business innovation in ways not possible with traditional colocation models.

keyblock top view

With 80+ acres of expandable space, the Keystone NAP campus can support a virtually limitless KeyBlock capacity.


Performance-Enhancing Expertise.

You know what it takes to run your business. We know what it takes to optimize the applications that keep your business running. Through advanced application services, we provide the monitoring and management support to keep your network operating at peak performance, you so can concentrate on what your business does best.


performance enhancement and monitoring
optimize applications
network support
advanced application services
monitoring and management
peak performance

Keystone NAP provides advanced “up the stack” application services delivered by a team of business application management and IaaS experts.


Power Your Business Presence in the Northeast.

Our web-scale infrastructure delivers everything your business needs to achieve an unparalleled application performance advantage.


Make the Move to Keystone NAP Easy with Our Enterprise Cloud Starter Kit

Get up and running quickly with our bundled offering of:

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